Installation Procedure

  1. Turn on spindle lock to prevent the spindle from turning on accidentally.
  2. Install CScope in spindle.
  3. Connect USB plug to a USB hub or USB extension in such a way that if the spindle were to accidentally turn on the USB cable will pull out without damage.    
  4. Use Z height for focus.
  5. Adjust the lens depth to the desired zoom range and lock with locking ring.

Calibration Procedure

The new CScope software version 1.4 introduced a cursor calibration routine to greatly simplify the calibration procedure.  Not only is it easier, but it is also much more accurate!  This is the new calibration procedure:

  1. Install the CScope on the spindle with the USB cable facing away from you.  (In the Y+ direction)
  2. In the CScope Software press the calibrate button and set the X and Y offset to zero.
  3. Focus the CScope on a piece of rough metal and find a small round imperfection to center on.  The smaller the better.  This will become your "reference dot".
  4. Center the machine on this dot.
  5. Press the Set button.
  6. Rotate the CScope 180 Degrees in the spindle.  The USB cable should now be pointing towards you.
  7. Use the arrow keys to recenter the cursor on the reference dot.
  8. Press the Center button.  Your scope is now calibrated.

To verify that you are properly calibrated, move the machine to center the cursors on the reference dot.  Now rotate the CScope in the spindle,  the intersection of the cursors should rotate centered on your reference dot.

Tip for CNC Users:

With the CScope focused and Z axis calibrated, enter the tool height in your offset table.  This allows for fast and accurate focus using G0 Z0. (remember to set the tool number first!

Cscope Troubleshooting Tips:

The CScope is plug and play and does not require any device drivers to be installed.  If you are experiencing issues with the camera try to plug it into a different USB port directly on the computer and not to a USB HUB. Try to remove other USB devices to see if they are interfering.  If you have determined that the USB HUB was the issue, replace it with a quality HUB, preferably one with an external power brick.  The typical USB port can supply 1.0 Amp of power and the camera uses only 0.15 Amp so there should be plenty of power for most peripherals but there are plenty of poor devices out there... 

CScope is recognized in the drop down menu but the screen is all white:

This is most likely caused by Windows 10 privacy setting.  In the search bar type 

Camera privacy settings

Make sure the camera is turned on as shown below: