Cscope Troubleshooting Tips:

The CScope is plug and play and does not require any device drivers to be installed.  If you are experiencing issues with the camera try to plug it into a different USB port directly on the computer and not to a USB HUB. Try to remove other USB devices to see if they are interfering.  If you have determined that the USB HUB was the issue, replace it with a quality HUB, preferably one with an external power brick.  The typical USB port can supply 1.0 Amp of power and the camera uses only 0.15 Amp so there should be plenty of power for most peripherals but there are plenty of poor devices out there... 

CScope is recognized in the drop down menu but the screen is all white:

This is most likely caused by Windows 10 privacy setting.  In the search bar type 

Camera privacy settings

Make sure the camera is turned on as shown below: