NEW CScope V1.4 Digital Calibration improves precision to 0.0001 inch (0.0025mm) resolution

CScope Calibration routine

In order for the CScope to be able to accurately reference a machine, it must be perfectly concentric to the spindle.  The CScope can be adjusted with setscrews, however, there is a limit to how small an increment can be practically made with screws.  It is far easier and more accurate to simply adjust the software cursors than it is to mechanically adjust the CScope.  The latest version of CScope Software improves on this capability by providing a quick and simple step by step calibration procedure.  The CScope software has the capability to position a cursor by screen pixel increments.  Since the CScope has a zoom capability of greater than 0.0001" per pixel we are now able to attain a much greater level of precision.  At this level of precision, one must be aware of collet runout as well as thermal expansion etc.  This means that the CScope should ideally be calibrated with every use.  Fortunately, with the new digital calibration routine, this can now be done in only a few seconds.

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  • Jerry on

    Great update Tom. My two scopes continue to work great. Jerry

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