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Robot Arm Joint

Progress has been going extremely well, way above my expectations!  I have found a worm drive gearbox (MotoVario NMRV30) which is a perfect fit for this application.  It not only provides gear reduction but it is also robust enough to take the full load on the joints.  This means that I only need to make two parts to have a fully functional joint. The first part is a drive link that couples the drive shaft to a standard 30x60 t-slot arm.  The second is a simple plate with 8 holes which adapts the gearbox to another 30x60 t-slot. Then it is just copy and paste for the second joint.  The Z axis will only have about 50mm (2in) travel.  This should be enough to clear the spindle and fully insert a Tormach tool holder.  I still have to figure out how to attach limit switches and possibly an encoder.  But for now, I will go ahead and build it to see how rigid it is.  This gearbox has a surprisingly low backlash.  My main concern right now is flex on the T-slot channels so I need to get some of these to see how rigid they are...

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